Zoological magazine is reborn

Wildlife conservation, park attractions and a polar bear called Victoria are all under the spotlight in the latest magazine for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) which has been revamped by Connect.

We worked with the society to rethink its members’ magazine, LifeLinks, not least by changing its format – with the magazine shrinking from an A4 to a B5, and fattening up from 20 pages to 36.

Despite the smaller page size, the new magazine gives the Society greater scope to explore more of its wider work as well as build excitement among members and visitors about what’s on offer at its two parks – RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and RZSS Highland Wildlife Park.

The content of the new LifeLinks now focuses much more on the pioneering conservation work of the Society both at home and abroad. The design has also shifted to a much more image-led approach, showcasing species in their natural surroundings. As the relaunch cover’s close-up on the newest arrival to RZSS Highland Wildlife Park suggests, the magazine aims to shine a light on the stars of the Society – the animals.

Even the paper stock has been given a revamp, with the cover printed on an uncoated stock and the inside pages a lighter silk. So while you get a quality, tactile experience on the outside (which feels more environmentally friendly), the inside pages are slick and vibrant.

The design has also taken the digital environment into account. Not only do the pages work well online, but content can be easily repurposed for social media. And the print magazine, with the help of strategically developed calls to action, help to drive readers online to engage further with the Society.

If you are interested in reading the magazine for yourself, “become a member of RZSS”:http://edinburghzoo.org.uk/support-us/membership/.