Zoe Cameron joins us for work experience

Helping the publishing stars of tomorrow

I’m Zoë Cameron, a fourth-year pupil at Mearns Castle High School, and with a liking for journalism and writing, I decided to spend my week of work experience with Connect. During my five-day placement in October 2015, I learned about publications and working life.

Once I had been introduced to everyone around the office, I started working on an article for The Journal Online. I was given a page of information that I needed to condense down to a shorter piece without losing any vital material. Read the published article here.

The next two articles I wrote were for Scottish Dental Magazine and Ireland’s Dental Magazine. As I had done similar work the day before, it was much easier to pick out the most important news from the background information. I was then shown how to upload the completed articles onto the websites. The final articles were published the Scottish Dental and Ireland’s Dental websites.

Something that I personally thought would be challenging was interviewing someone for the first time. I was required to ask questions about Connect’s recent investment in a new video camera to support the company’s content marketing strategy. However, they made it a bit easier for me by letting me interview someone within the company – account manager, Richard Croasdale. Richard was really friendly and I was able to get the answers I needed to write a case study.

I was also given the chance to shadow a designer. I was shown how to design the cover and main spread of one of the company’s monthly magazines, as well as how to use Adobe Photoshop. It was great to see how different magazines have quirks that are specific to that particular publication, but there are also things that can be changed to match the sort of story or what the article is about.

The Connect team made me feel welcome as soon as I arrived and helped me if I was ever confused. One morning I was able to sit in on a meeting about the Scottish Dental Show that the company owns and runs. This was very interesting and loads of topics were discussed that I would never have thought to talk about.

I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to get involved with work that interests me and that I find enjoyable, even being in a working environment was a difference that I liked. Working with Connect has really helped me figure out what kind of career path I would to like to follow, as well as teaching me a lot about writing and publishing.

By Zoe Cameron, a pupil from Mearns Castle High School