Connect is now a creative agency!

After 20 years as Scotland’s leading contract publisher, Connect has evolved into a full-service creative agency, specialising in engagement.

The major expansion follows a recent in-house survey in which clients revealed they wanted a broader range of services to help them meet their engagement challenges.

Connect has now evolved to meet those needs, broadening its skillset and widening its range of print and digital services to include:

  • STRATEGY – Auditing / Analysis / Channel mapping / Insight
  • CONTENT – Copywriting / Infographics / Video / Design
  • DIGITAL – Apps / E-newsletters / Websites / Social Media
  • PUBLICATIONS – Editing / Design / Advertising / Print
  • CAMPAIGNS – Concept / Creation / Management / Delivery
  • FACE-TO-FACE – Events / Presentations / Speech writing
  • MARKETING COLLATERAL – Motion graphics / Brochure

To reflect this new commitment to communicating across every platform, Connect also has a new strapline – Engagement is everything.

Founder and Chairman David Cameron revealed: “Ask anyone in the Scottish business community where Connect’s expertise lies and the answer would almost certainly be in printed publications.

“But from today, we’re no longer just a contract publisher – we’re now a full-service creative agency, armed with the necessary tools to help our clients deliver their message to the people who matter most.

“We haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater – publications are still a core service and always will be. But what we have done is broadened our skillset to be able to offer a full range of creative services.

“We were increasingly doing many of these things for our clients anyway, so we realised we had the talent and experience to make a shift in how we thought and what we offered.”


To find out more, email Alan Ramsay or call him on 0141 560 3025.