Firm Friends with the University of Edinburgh

We are thrilled to announce that we had the privilege of working with the University of Edinburgh for the second year to produce the annual Edinburgh Friends magazine. 

Edinburgh Friends features stories of philanthropy and the future, focusing on the groundbreaking projects that the university – in partnership with other organisations – is able to participate in thanks to the generosity of donors across the globe.

Connect’s brief was to design a publication that showcases this exciting work through dynamic photography, engaging layouts and careful use of colour. The result is a vibrant magazine that highlights the impact this vital funding from philanthropic individuals is having on communities both at home and abroad. 

Staring out from the sea backed by a brilliant blue sky, the cover pictures Madagascan seaweed farmer Tampolove, hard at work, just one of many incredible individuals featured inside.

Articles such as ‘Talking Sense’ highlight the positive impact the university’s Bilingualism Matters research centre has already had on families, while the ‘Global generosity’ infographic shows a snapshot of the university’s donors across the world.

Edinburgh Friends also highlights the incredible progress of research being undertaken by the university itself. Featuring articles on technoethics and their potential impact on society, as well as collaborating research to find effective treatments for dementia, the magazine delves into the research that really is making a difference for the future. The magazine celebrates successes too, as it takes a look back at the past academic year’s philanthropic projects and celebrates the major milestones that have been now been achieved. 

Editor Brian Campbell commented: “I worked with Connect for the second time on our annual magazine, Edinburgh Friends. The publication is sent to the University’s community of donors and aims to tell stories about how philanthropy is benefiting the University. The magazine is bright, high-quality and engaging, and Connect has really helped me to develop it into a flagship communication for the University. Brilliant use of photography and really good advice on paper stock has made Edinburgh Friends an eminent magazine that is thoroughly appreciated by the University community.”

In keeping with its strong environmental message, Connect also worked with the university and our suppliers to ensure that the publication has minimal impact on the environment.

Managing Director Alan Ramsay said: “We were thrilled to work with our friends at the University of Edinburgh again. The work the University and the individuals do as featured in the magazine is incredibly important and I am so pleased that Connect was able to be a part of bringing these incredible stories to print for the second year running.”

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