Connecting with SWI’s past, present and future

We are proud to have helped our client Scottish Women’s Institutes (SWI) create a very special issue of their monthly magazine Women Together.

The March issue celebrates Women’s History Month and SWI’s founding mothers. Both were kept in mind as we designed the magazine, with the suffragette colours purple, white and green woven throughout. 

The SWI was born amid the fight for women’s votes and at the centre of this month’s Women Together cover is a military-style campaign medal, awarded to suffragette prisoners by the leadership of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). Blooming from behind the medal are two flowers, on the left an eryngium and on the right some purple pansies. 

Both design choices reflect SWI’s own identity and their history with women’s suffrage. The purple pansies are icons of the suffrage movement, and the eryngium will be one that all members will recognise, as the organisation named an eryngium after their founding mother, Catherine Blair. 

The magazine opens with a special feature on Catherine and her achievements for women’s rights. In her life, Catherine did much for the suffrage movement by chairing local meetings, speeches and writing numerous letters to newspapers and later housed starving suffragettes recently released from prison. When the First World War broke out, Catherine continued the fight for women’s rights by setting up these Institutes to ‘help food production and conservation’. 

With generous assistance from Glasgow Women’s Library and Women’s History Scotland, the issue also highlights the lesser known ‘anti-suffrage movement’ and also features important women from around Scotland and their contributions to society, both past and present

Magazine editor Pauline Burnett said: “Overall, this issue in particular is really special as it documents just how incredibly important the Institutes are, both then and now. Catherine Blair was an incredible woman, and it was particularly important for me that the magazine reflected all the ways in which she paved the way for women of the future.

“We are really proud to have been a part of bringing SWI’s incredible history to life on the page.”

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