Connecting CIEHF members online

We are very proud to have helped our client the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) move their annual three-day conference to a completely online format.

Just over a month ago, it became clear that the planned three-day conference in Stratford-upon-Avon would not be able to go ahead. Connect worked closely with CIEHF’s Chief Operating Officer Tina Worthy to help adapt the content to an online conference format.

This involved helping to create guidance for speakers recording their own video and audio, as well as work on branding, multimedia and social media.

Our Senior Communications Consultant, Kim McAllister, recorded 11 podcasts with 15 speakers across four timezones, whilst our Deputy Head of Design Mark Duncan created a 14-minute awards video, to add to the full experience of a face-to-face conference. Kim also live-tweeted on behalf of CIEHF during the two days – engagement was very high and the @CIEHF account saw more than 100 new followers join.

Feedback from the conference was overwhelmingly positive – the 440 delegates expressing their amazement at such a feat being achieved online and on time.

Tina Worthy, Chief Operating Officer, said: “Connect helped us quickly turn the potential cancellation of our flagship event into a great success story shared and enjoyed by many”.

Huge congratulations to our client, the CIEHF on a very successful and first-ever virtual conference.

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