Peter Nicholson Celebrates 200 Issues as Editor

This week, we are delighted to be celebrating the achievements of one of our own, Peter Nicholson. 

Peter is celebrating his 200th issue as Editor for The Law Society of Scotland’s monthly Journal magazine.

Peter joined us as Deputy Editor in August 2003, and wrote his first feature for the September issue of the magazine. Within 10 months, Peter had taken over as Editor. Having worked previously in the law publishing sector, qualifying as a solicitor before serving for many years as Editor of the Scots Law Times and Greens Weekly Digest, Peter joined us with a great amount of experience and insight. 

Over the 16 years, Peter has led the development of the magazine and its online presence, adapting quickly to the challenges and complications of publishing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Peter said: “A lot has happened in the legal profession since my first issue as editor in May 2004, and there has hardly been a dull moment in that time. It’s amazing to think also that when I started, the Journal was just a monthly paper magazine with limited online presence, yet most of this year because of COVID-19 we have been publishing entirely digitally.

“I am proud of the high regard in which the Journal is held across the profession and beyond, and of the recognition it has received through a series of awards over these years. Much of that is due to our many contributors, to whom I will always be deeply grateful, and the Journal embodies the collegiate spirit that remains strong among Scottish solicitors.”

Peter added: “The Journal has always been a team effort. Special credit is due to the Law Society of Scotland, which has always been supportive while being careful to respect the Journal’s editorial independence. They are great people to work with. And it would not be the magazine it is without my design, technical and sales colleagues at Connect, who do a superb job every month – never more so than during the pandemic.”

Read the latest issue of the Journal.

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