Climate Change, Satellites and GOOD-COP Webinar

What has space got to do with saving the Earth? 

This is just one of many questions answered on the ‘Space in Scotland’ webinar we hosted for Space Intelligence last week.

Produced and hosted by our Senior Communications Consultant Kim McAllister, along with Chief Executive of Space Intelligence Dr. Murray Collins, the webinar focused on the role of satellite data in combating climate change and introduced GOOD-COP, or the Global Overview of Delivery of Carbon In Operational Projects. 

This web platform serves as an atlas of active forest carbon projects globally, which have been created to help in the fight against climate change. It provides links back to source documentation for the development of these projects, and is the first time all of these projects have been brought together in one place on an interactive map. The dynamic map also pulls in satellite data products to show how deforestation is affecting large parts of the earth. 

Carol Blackwood, Geospatial Platform Lead, who led the project, said: “Before creating GOOD-COP, the information on these forest carbon conservation projects was buried away in website databases, repositories, specialist data portals and project coordinator’s hard drives. While most of it is publically available, it is hard to navigate and requires specialist software to view the projects’ spatial data. It’s been a mammoth task to pull this data together, but already GOOD-COP is making an impact enabling users to easily find, explore and question the activities of projects as well as highlighting where real change is already happening thanks to these projects.”

Also speaking on the webinar was Global Scot, Professor David Alexander OBE, Director of the Rice Space Institute in Houston, Texas.

He said: “One of the questions we get a lot is ‘what has space to do with saving the earth?’ but if you look at the Earth from space you get a sense of context and the fragility of the atmosphere.”

“It’s fantastic for someone from Scotland to be looking at what’s happening in Scotland, we’re really adding to the information available to measure environmental impact and then providing the means for companies to take action.”

You can watch the ‘Space in Scotland’ webinar here.

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