Going digital for a second year with Connect

We are very pleased to have organised and hosted yet another successful virtual conference for our client the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS). 

Asbestos 2021, the industry’s leading annual conference from BOHS and FAAM (Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management) took place virtually for the second year running. Following positive feedback from the audience, the client opted to stick with the digital format produced by Connect, with many delegates commenting that it was easier to follow the technical detail and ask specialist questions. 

The event was hosted by Kim McAllister, with production management from Paul McGinnity and Stephanie Koetsier.

The two-day event began on 17 November, with leading industry experts and medical professionals from three continents presenting to more than 150 delegates. It included live and pre-recorded presentations, with interactive polls and lively discussion in the chat box.

BOHS Event Manager Marie Townshend said the online format had proved very popular with BOHS and FAAM members.

“The convenience of being able to dial in from home, the office or even out on site has made the online format hugely appealing to many of our members during the last 18 months,” she said.

“The added bonus of the events being recorded and available to revisit after the live conference has meant we have seen an increase in booking numbers.”

Our senior communications consultant, Kim McAllister who hosted the event, said: “This industry is completely focused on keeping people safe at work. It is such an important topic, it’s always a pleasure to introduce the specialists and hear about their work. I’m not surprised the online format has proved so popular, the engagement is extremely high and we see the audience numbers hold steady the entire day.”

Marie added: “After the popularity of the online chat box at the virtual conferences giving increased engagement between delegates we are looking into how to replicate this at our in-person events going forward with the introduction of an online networking facility. We have also taken the decision to record all of our conferences to allow participation through a digital delegate pass to widen the audience and reach of the talks by our members and speakers.”

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