An image to promote a new series on our website called 'Connect With Us', where we invite you to get to know the faces behind Connect. The image is a blue background with the Connect logo and a picture of our Designer Liam Shaw, who is our first feature for this segment.

Connect With Us: Liam Shaw

Welcome to a new series on the Connect website. Connect With Us!

A chance for our clients, followers and friends to get to know the people behind Connect a little better. For our first ever ‘Connect With Us’, we’re chatting with Designer Liam Shaw to learn a bit more about what he does and why he loves doing it.

Liam joined Connect in March 2019 and has worked on high profile campaigns, magazines, adverts and much more, so he really was the perfect pick to start this series off. Now let’s hear from Liam himself:

Tell us a bit about your career so far?

My career has been great fun and very educational so far. After leaving college in 2018 I had no idea what type of work I would find myself doing (or how much work there would be for a Graphic Designer outside of college), however it’s been an excellent journey and I’ve met some brilliant people along the way. I’m excited to see what the future brings.

What does your day-to-day look like? 

My day-to-day job can be anything ranging from checking adverts and making sure that they are suitable for print purposes, designing magazines for a range of publications, to creating snappy animations for social media and other online purposes (accompanied by a healthy dose of Nespresso coffee!)

Why do you love being a Designer?

I love being a designer because every day brings something new, and there’s always more to learn. I left college thinking I had ticked all the boxes, but it wasn’t until I started working full time with a great team of experienced designers that I realised that I was only just getting started. 

What advice would you give to someone else wanting to follow in this career path?

Get inspired and explore what makes you think creatively. It’s so important to experience other work and keep yourself informed about the latest trends so that you can approach each piece of work with a fresh and exciting perspective. For me, other media such as film and music are massively beneficial to getting that creative spark going. If I find myself struggling for ideas, I’ll turn to a hobby such as the drums or drawing to shift the block.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Save your work regularly!”