An image of a mobile phone with the Connect logo in the centre of its screen. In the background, there is a microphone and headphones. This is a promotional image to celebrate the launch of our in-house podcast studio, and to celebrate our clients' podcasts so far.

The Magnificent Seven Podcasts

At Connect we’re obsessed with words and engagement, and podcasts are a medium that marries both. So, it was only natural that we would expand our offering!

Organisations are rapidly turning to podcasts as their preferred means of communication, as the increasingly popular medium is a way to ensure their voice is heard within their industry while also branding them as an authority in their chosen subjects. 

We are delighted to now have a dedicated studio space in our office for our clients to record their podcasts, and encourage businesses looking to develop their own to get in touch

We have been thrilled to already help develop and host seven podcasts for our clients. From Schroder’s Personal Wealth educating students about money management with ‘On The Money’, to UKRI showcasing all their cutting edge climate change mitigation research in ‘Emissions: Impossible?’, and from Edinburgh’s space data capital ambitions to Arran Sense of Scotland’s wellness promotion through island living, we have told some amazing stories with inspiring guests.

Kim McAllister, our Senior Communications Consultant and broadcast specialist, said: “Over the last two years, we have built a podcast offering to be really proud of. The fact that we did this under pandemic conditions, often recording remotely under blankets for better audio quality or late at night when children weren’t being home-schooled, just shows our dedication. 

One of our shows, ‘Scotland’s Secret Space Race’, reached number six in the UK science podcast charts, which was a huge achievement and led to the creation of lasting partnerships between Scottish and American space organisations.

Now that pandemic restrictions have lifted, we have invested a significant sum in a custom-designed podcast studio, complete with industry-leading acoustic panels and recording equipment. I’m really excited to build the team of editors and presenters further and expand our podcasting department to meet demand.”

Have a listen to the magnificent seven now:

Want to develop your own podcast? Then contact Kim McAllister today at or call +44 (0)131 561 0025.