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What’s your favourite podcast?

What’s your favourite podcast? 

To celebrate the opening of our brand new podcast studio, we asked our colleagues to share some of their favourite podcasts with us. Other than our own of course. (Meet ‘The Magnificent Seven’ here.) 

With some you’re sure to recognise and others you may not, it’s almost guaranteed we’ve got a podcast for everyone. Keep reading to find your new favourite:

Podcast: Stuff You Should Know
Submitted by: Fiona
Why do you love this podcast? Hosted by Josh and Chuck, this podcast releases episodes several times a week and tackles issues from mindfulness and phantom pain to moss, tacos and the Arctic fox. I have learned many fascinating facts, including that the wombat produces square poops. The hosts are a couple of American guys who like to research stuff and chat about their subject. It just works!

Podcast: The Line-Up
Submitted by: Neil
Why do you love this podcast? Hosted by ex-BBC6 Music presenter Shaun Keaveny, the Line-up is basically a rambling chat with a celebrity guest outlining their fantasy music festival. Acts can be alive or dead, and the venue can be anywhere on earth – because it’s a fantasy! It makes you think about music in another way, and often there are great back stories about the choice of bands. There’s no actual music played on the show, (presumably for copyright reasons), but the podcast inspires me to seek out the bands and songs mentioned, and create a playlist or two.

Podcast: Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy
Submitted by: Alan
Why do you love this podcast? I saw the famous Siegfried & Roy show in Las Vegas on a work trip in the 90s. It blew my mind. This series tells the story of the aftermath of one of the tigers attacking Roy in 2003. The nine episodes tell a compelling story of magic and myth, spin and yarn, truth and lies.

Podcast: 99 Percent Invisible
Submitted by: Paul
Why do you love this podcast? This is a great listen! The presenters discuss design, architecture and planning in the real world, usually covering topics that you wouldn’t necessarily think too much about otherwise! Did you know the Sear’s Catalogue once sold full house kits – walls, doors windows, kitchen sink etc? They also have great easy listen voices for when your trying to chill out.

Now You’re Asking
Submitted by: Karen
Why do you love this podcast? Hosted by Marian Keyes (who is one of my favourite authors) and comedian Tara Flynn, they take listeners’ dilemmas and try to solve them through their own life experiences – it may not provide the practical answers required but is a real, feel-good listen. It’s easy on the ears and sometimes that’s just what we need.

Podcast: Infatuated
Submitted By: Stephanie
Why do you love this podcast? It’s a podcast all about stories, so what’s not to love? Hosted by English Lit graduates and writers Emily and Rebecca, they talk about their love of stories in all their forms passionately, intellectually and humorously. It also helps that the hosts are two of my closest friends, so I’m well aware of all the hard work and passion that really fuels this podcast behind the scenes.

Podcast: My Therapist Ghosted Me
Submitted by: Kim
Why do you love this podcast? This is a brilliant have-it-on-in-the-background podcast. Joanne is a stand-up and her bestie Vogue Williams has all sorts of mad stories of marrying into the aristocracy. They’re both Irish so the accents and humour are brilliant.

Podcast: Nike: TRAINED
Submitted by: Euan
Why do you love this podcast? Often very interesting discussions with very interesting people within the fitness and health space. Good insights into athletes and professionals alike.

Podcast: Metaphysical Milkshake
Submitted by: James
Why do you love this podcast? Rainn Wilson from The Office US and Reza Aslan pick an interesting topic each episode and bring in guest scholars to unpick the mysteries surrounding them. Both interesting and funny.

Podcast: Heavyweight 
Submitted by: Shaun
Why do you love this podcast? From the first listen I was hooked by Jonathan and the Heavyweight team. You never quite know where the story is going to go as he deconstructs those life long burdens people have shouldered often with a path to resolution. It has emotion, suspense, provokes thought – brilliant really.

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