An image of a laptop on a blue background, with a yellow microphone icon coming out from the bottom of the laptop. On the laptop screen is the William Grant Foundation's Annual Review, which now comes with a podcast episode to accompany. Contact Connect today if you want to change how you do your Annual Review!

The William Grant Foundation’s Annual Review with a twist

We have loved working with the William Grant Foundation to produce its Annual Review – this time with a twist, for the latest edition is also available as a podcast episode.

Not only is this a great way to make the Annual Review stand out, it makes it more accessible to those who prefer, or rely on, audio content. This is also a great way for an organisation to offer a bitesize version of a review or strategy, which can be shared widely to help spread the word about the important work being done. 

With bright infographics and audio clips throughout, the digital magazine version of the Annual Review is an engaging and informative way to highlight the ways in which the Foundation is supporting charities and good causes. 

The Review and the podcast both outline the Foundation’s year in numbers, including the number of grants awarded, and look at how it is helping to create youth opportunities, protect Scotland’s natural and built environment, tackle climate change and more.

Nick Addington, Chief Executive of the William Grant Foundation, said: “I prefer listening to podcasts to reading reports, so was keen to create an audio version of our Annual Review. But we wouldn’t have known how to get started without Connect’s support. Thanks to the team there, we’re really pleased with how the online and podcast versions complement each other.”

Have a look – and listen – at

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