An image of our design team at Sloans bar for the Gab 29 event. Pictured from left to right is James, Liam, Paul, Euan and Jade.

A Good Design Gab

Every day offers an opportunity to become inspired. That’s why some of our designers headed to Jamhot’s  recent Gab 29 event – described as a ‘Get Together for Creative Folk’ – at Glasgow’s renowned Sloans bar. 

“We’ve really missed attending events like these over the last couple of years,” said James, our Head of Creative and Digital. “It’s fantastic to listen to other creatives who have a serious passion and pride in their work.”

James was joined by Paul, Euan, Liam and Jade from our design team to enjoy three presentations from some inspiring fellow creatives.

First up was Sharon Caddie, a freelance Art Director who has now made a successful business out of her greetings cards with a twist. Caddie+Co is an award-winning design studio that has worked with some brands you’re sure to recognise. Learn more here.

Next was Cut Media. They create amazing videos of adventure sports for famous brands. Perhaps you’ll recognise a rather famous face or two.

And finally, there was a discussion between Lee Brackstone of White Rabbit Books and Scottish author David Keenan.

This talk was a particular highlight for Liam. He said: “His stories and outlook on life were fascinating, and the stories and recollections that he shared of the late Andrew Weatherall were very moving.”

“All of the presenters were great,” said James, “but I was particularly blown away by the film work created by Cut Media. Like Connect they create inspirational content that resonates with their audiences… we’re not quite so hot on the bike tricks though.”

Paul added: “It was interesting to hear from other creative industries and to see how some of the speakers turned ‘side hustles’ into legitimate businesses, learning more about their field and related topics like print buying.”

From book publishing to card design to videography, the night proved that regardless of industry, inspiration can be found in any medium.

As Euan said: “It was interesting to hear from people involved in such different avenues of creativity. Listening to them speak on their experience in the industry was both inspiring and eye-opening.”

Jade added: “What a pleasure to hear from some seriously inspiring creatives, while spending time with my colleagues. Listening to each of the speakers’ stories was invigorating and a reminder that anything is possible with a dream and a little grit. You’ll definitely see me at the next Gab!”

Pictured is some of our design team. From left to right: James, Liam, Paul, Euan and Jade.