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Tips for Recording Video

Recording videos using a smartphone or webcam on your computer is a great, cost-effective way to create content. There are a few things to remember in order to make your video look as professional as possible:

  • Your background – make it as plain as possible. 
  • Your lighting – ideally you want the light source to be facing you, not to the side and definitely not behind you. Opposite a window is often the easiest position – you can also purchase ring lights with either USB connectors or phone connectors from as little as £7.
  • Your sound – ideally you need a separate microphone, although the built-in microphones in smartphones are often very good. Again, microphones can be inexpensive. For example, smartphone microphones start at £9. It’s easier to film indoors, to avoid background noise, and in a room with soft furnishings, to avoid an echo
  • Positioning – unless you are filming specifically for social media channels like Instagram and TikTok, your phone should be landscape. You can stand or sit, just check your positioning with some test videos to make sure you aren’t cutting off the top of your head. It depends on the purpose of the video, but generally a head and shoulders shot is ideal, centre yourself in the frame and look into the lens. Try not to have the lense too high or too low, they are not flattering angles. Eye level is best. If you are using a phone, fix it in position to avoid a wobble.
  • Interview style – if you are recording the answers to questions, look to the side, as if addressing someone sitting behind the camera and to the side. Also position yourself to the side of the frame, looking across the diagonal.
  • Relax! Try not to read a script, or recite from memory. The more naturally you speak, the more relatable the video will be.
  • Subtitles – many apps are available which will generate subtitles as you speak. You can edit them afterwards for accuracy – and this makes your video more accessible.

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