A blue background with the Connect logo and two hands reaching towards one another. The text in the middle says 'Connect with us: Fiona Ramsay, Account Manager'. To the right is a photo of Fiona, who joins us for today's Connect With Us, a series we do to invite you all to meet our team.

Connect With Us: Fiona Ramsay

We’re knocked for six! How are we already on week six of our ‘Connect With Us’ series? 

By now, we’ve already introduced you to five of our fantastic colleagues – Liam, Ann, Claire, Ryan and David

This time round we have our lovely Account Manager Fiona Ramsay, who has worked with us at Connect since 2018. Fiona works on a variety of our magazines covering many subjects, including (but not limited to) education, business and health!

Learn more about Fiona, from her time living in London as a young journalist and her editorial career so far to the wise words she has for others hoping to pursue a career in publishing.

Meet Fiona!

Tell us a bit about your career so far
I’ve been working with the Connect team since 2018, when I returned to work after having my daughter. I was previously Communications Manager at a university and waaaayyy before that was a business-to-business journalist, writing for magazines about printing, marketing, advertising and the media, book publishing and TV production and distribution. 

Things have changed a lot – back then we still used Myspace, bought books from Borders and had many, many printed magazines to choose from. Some of it was pretty exciting for a young journalist, including covering the international television festival in Cannes and attending book launches and lunches for well-known authors. 

I spent around ten years working in London, eventually at Haymarket Media Group, before getting fed up with the commuting, the scary editors and the bustle of the massive city. Getting two over-crowded trains to work and back was never easy! I was really keen to come back home to Scotland, so my husband and I moved to Glasgow and, in the blink of an eye, another ten years have gone by!

What does your day-to-day look like?
As one of Connect’s account managers, I look after several clients who produce magazines and require design work for advertisements, newsletters, social media and campaigns. My journalism background is perfect for the job as I continue to interview people and write articles for our printed and digital magazines. Since starting at Connect, I have also been much more involved in the design and production processes. In just one morning I could be interviewing someone for an article, proofing written content before print, quoting a client for a new design project, putting the finishing touches to a digital magazine or planning a social media campaign. The range of clients I work with also means that I have interesting topics to work on – from education partnerships and teaching in Scotland, to the commercial development of Glasgow city centre and sustainability.

Why do you love your job?
I love the variety and the clients are really great to work with (I’m not just saying that!). There is always a new project to think about, which might involve input from our Print and Supply Chain Controller or our design team. I really like being busy at work but also being trusted to get on with the job in hand. Our management team is there for support but trusts us to get things done well. If the clients are happy, we are all happy! 

What advice would you give to someone else who wants to follow this career path?
Develop your multitasking skills. It’s also a pretty small world up here in Scotland – you never know when you might cross paths with a great contact.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Learn from those little mistakes and move onwards and upwards!