An image for International Women's Day, with a line of illustrated women at the bottom of the image.

We are feeling inspired this International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and we want to know – who inspires you?

International Women’s Day is observed annually on 8 March, and is a day to celebrate the achievements of women, acknowledge the work that is still to be done, and continue to campaign for a world without discrimination, stereotypes and bias.

To mark the day, we asked our team to tell us about the women that inspire them, whether that be personally, professionally or both. Read on to find out who they chose:

Peter Nicholson, Editor of the Journal

“You can find inspiring people in any walk of life, if you keep your eyes open. From the past month I nominate two stars of the February Journal: Nadia Cook, for her social inclusion efforts, and Ukraine volunteer Susannah Pencovich.”

Paul McGinnity, Frontend Developer

“I was recently given a copy of Baseline Shift by friends. It’s been a fantastic insight into the women behind the design, print and typography industries. From early immigrants to America setting up newspapers after their husbands passed away on the journey across the Atlantic, to the women at the forefront of the digital revolution when computers started to be used for more and more typesetting and design jobs.”

Kim McAllister, Senior Communications Consultant

“My biggest inspiration at the moment is Celine Sinclair, the chief executive of The Yard. Professionally, she’s incredible, but personally too. She has suffered more than her fair share of heartbreak but nothing seems to stop her. She has endless energy and an enormous heart. The way she has taken The Yard from a small community group to a Scottish charity helping thousands of families and children with disabilities is completely astonishing. When I’m struggling, I think of her and I’ve been lucky in the past few years to get to know her well enough to call her a precious friend.”

Craig Gibson, Account Manager

“Laura Muir. Where do you even begin? Commonwealth champion, Olympic silver medallist, World bronze medallist and five times European indoor champion. A Scottish track star with a winning mentality who never, ever gives up. And she’s a qualified vet, too. A proper role model for my children – and for kids everywhere.”

Stephanie Koetsier, Junior Account Executive

“There are too many to choose from! I’ve been inspired by countless female writers when pursuing my own writing career, but I’ll pick Jane Austen. I don’t think anyone can truly compare with her ability to write about human emotion and experience, and her books, despite being written in such a different time period, continue to be relatable and thought-provoking whilst inspiring adaptations and spin-offs to this day.”

Alan Ramsay, Managing Director

“Melinda Gates. An amazing business person in her own right whose philanthropy and advocacy for others knows no bounds. Other individuals should follow her lead in what they do with their wealth.”