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About This Project


The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors wished to support the global effort to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic by making their members’ knowledge and skills available to all those across the health care and affiliated sectors and the wider business community.


Working with senior Institute stakeholders, we defined basic aims and objectives. We then designed and built an extensive suite of tools including videos, podcasts, animations, interactive infographics and documents along with supporting social media, website and magazine content.


This crucial information has gained a global audience and has played a significant role in aiding those at the frontline in the battle against the pandemic. This has ranged from the development and build of ventilators to safe working from home. The work has also cemented the Institute as a globally recognised body and helped increase membership.

Sharing knowledge during a pandemic
Animations, Campaigns, Content, Infographics, knowledge sharing, Magazine, Podcast, Social media, Video, Website

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