Sparks’ Remarks on National Apprenticeship Week

This week marks National Apprenticeship Week – and what better way to celebrate it than listening to Sparks’ Remarks, the new podcast all about the lives of electrical apprentices from SELECT.

We’ve worked with SELECT for a number of years on a variety of projects, including their award-winning magazine cabletalk. That’s why we were delighted to help them with their latest communication venture, a podcast for budding electricians, by budding electricians, explaining the realities of the trade by talking with apprentices, lecturers and employers. 

SELECT had three main aims in launching its podcast – to honestly portray the realities of life as an electrical apprentice, to encourage more people to consider it as a career path, and to show companies, parents and teachers the benefits of apprenticeships. 

We helped the SELECT team with its entire podcast journey, from the initial concept and design, to interviewing, producing, co-hosting and editing the podcast. 

Since we were working with young apprentices, we wanted to ensure they felt at ease as we recorded. We travelled on site to record in person, which not only gave us great sound effects but also allowed the apprentices to be more relaxed than if they were brought into a studio. We recorded using small lapel mics, which again made sure the apprentices were relaxed, and helped to structure the conversation so that each took it in turn to answer a question. It meant they had time to consider their answers and could joke together, which came across well in the finished edit as, after all, a podcast is a conversation!

Iain Mason, Director of Membership & Communications at SELECT, said: “With the transition to net zero and reliance on renewables technology such as solar panels, electric vehicles and battery storage, it is vital that Scotland recruits more apprentice electricians in the coming years. To do this, we want to promote the benefits of being an electrician, but also paint a realistic picture of what young learners can expect when they take their first steps on the career ladder. 

“The podcast has played a key role in this strategy, and has helped us successfully extend our reach and promote the Modern Apprenticeship to an even wider audience, targeting a specific demographic in a way we were not able to do before. Record numbers of apprentices have been recruited in Scotland for the past three years, with full classrooms across the country. The podcast is a key tool in helping to make it happen and we want to continue giving a voice to the electricians of tomorrow.”

The Sparks’ Remarks podcast is now available on all major streaming platforms, with three episodes released and five more in the works. You can listen to it here

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