Scottish Dental and The Herald team up for survey

What has your experience of dentistry been like post-pandemic? 

Scottish Dental magazine, a Connect-owned title, has teamed up with The Herald to discover the public’s view of NHS dentistry.

A new survey has been launched to gather people’s opinions and experiences, with the results due to be revealed in the run-up to the Scottish Dental Show which returns to Braehead Arena on 31 May-1 June.

The Scottish Government is facing a “six-month check-up” on the reforms to the dental system that were introduced in November. Senior officials will deliver an update on the changes at the annual show – the biggest gathering of dental professionals in Scotland.

Chief Dental Officer Tom Ferris, Deputy Chief Dental Officer Gillian Leslie and Dental Care Professional Advisor Elaine Hutchison will provide an update on the reform’s progress as part of the Scottish Dental Show’s education programme.

Fees – for fillings, extractions, dentures, root canal and other common dental treatments –  were increased with the aim of making it more affordable for dental surgeries to provide these on an NHS basis. The hope was that NHS activity would increase as a result, reducing waiting lists and making dental treatment more accessible again to patients on the NHS instead of having to go private. 

Routine check-ups also changed. Instead of fixed six-monthly recalls, dentists can now choose how often a patient should have an NHS dental examination based on their treatment needs. This can range from less than six months to once every two years.

The Government said the changes were designed to “empower dentists to use their clinical discretion and knowledge of best practice in delivering care”.

The Scottish Dental Show, a two-day event bringing together the biggest innovators and names in the dental industry, will provide dental professionals with a unique opportunity to share their thoughts on the reform and have their questions answered directly by government officials.

All answers are recorded anonymously with the results revealed in the run-up to the Scottish Dental Show on 31 May-1 June. 

Have your say today! Find out more and answer the survey here. Learn more about the Scottish Dental Show here.