The Power Of Social Media Engagement

Do you have a strong membership community, but are unsure how to keep your current audience engaged while attracting new members? 

We’ve worked with the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM), a UK-based professional membership organisation with a global footprint, since 2019. Their aim since then has been to further grow IIRSM’s engagement with its community while attracting new members.

Since February 2023, we have worked with IIRSM to ensure they achieve this with their social media platforms. LinkedIn, the organisation’s primary communication channel, has gained 5,000 new followers over the past year. Now sitting at more than 35,000 followers, that success is set to continue, with an estimated 300-500 followers gained every week, and page views and impressions increasing in double-figures. 

How was this achieved?

Social media is constantly evolving, so it’s important you keep up to date with the latest trends, audience feedback and analytics reporting to ensure your campaigns are as successful as they can be. 

For IIRSM, we performed a complete overhaul of their social channels, taking stock of what was working and what could be improved to keep their audience engaged and informed about the Institute’s important work and events. Incorporating a mixture of static graphics and video posts to their channels ensured the feed was eye-catching and fluid, and reducing their post frequency for a ‘quality over quantity’ approach proved successful for followers. 

Our challenge was to keep key membership messages and regular training and events interesting. Our design team achieved this with eye-catching visuals for IIRSM’s core priorities – including training courses, events, testimonials and professional development webinars. 

One such campaign involved using testimonials and course summaries to compare two IIRSM training courses, so potential attendees would know which was best for them and their professional development. For another, we used a Google search concept, and enhanced IIRSM’s list of membership benefits to produce an appealing FAQ video.

With a new Co-President, the annual Risk Excellence Awards, and a new podcast series, there is always plenty of activity at IIRSM and we work with the team to make each project engaging.  

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