Solving Your Communications Puzzle Together

Puzzling over how to reach your target audience? We’re your missing piece!

Communications is an industry that is constantly evolving and we’ve been helping our clients reach their target audiences in new, ever more creative ways for more than 25 years. We’ve worked on everything from printed materials, podcasts, advertising, websites, social media and more. And now, we’ve added puzzles and board games to our roster!

We’re always game for a challenge, so when the Forces Children Scotland team said they wanted to produce a board game, we were more than happy to help. We work with Forces Children Scotland on everything from annual reports to bespoke, specialised projects. 

The result of our most recent project was an innovative, game-changing teaching tool that helps young people from Armed Forces families to educate their peers about what their lives are like. 

We helped bring the team’s initial idea to life, designing and producing the board, playing cards, playing pieces and instructions. 

The game was unveiled at a showcase event held at the Scottish Parliament, with more than 75 attendees, including MSPs, educators and professionals. We also designed and produced a number of assets for the launch events. 

We were also happy to piece together the production of a jigsaw puzzle. The Forces Children team sent us drawings by young people they work with, which our designers used as inspiration to create a design for the 24-piece puzzle. 

Don’t sit and puzzle over your next communications move. Let’s think outside the (game) box together. Chat to our team today at +44(0) 141 561 0300 or email