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The Power Of Social Media Engagement

Do you have a strong membership community, but are unsure how to keep your current audience engaged while attracting new members? 

We’ve worked with the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM), a UK-based professional membership organisation with a global footprint, since 2019. Their aim since then has been to further grow IIRSM’s engagement with its community while attracting new members.

Since February 2023, we have worked with IIRSM to ensure they achieve this with their social media platforms. LinkedIn, the organisation’s primary communication channel, has gained 5,000 new followers over the past year. Now sitting at more than 35,000 followers, that success is set to continue, with an estimated 300-500 followers gained every week, and page views and impressions increasing in double-figures. 

How was this achieved?

Social media is constantly evolving, so it’s important you keep up to date with the latest trends, audience feedback and analytics reporting to ensure your campaigns are as successful as they can be. 

For IIRSM, we performed a complete overhaul of their social channels, taking stock of what was working and what could be improved to keep their audience engaged and informed about the Institute’s important work and events. Incorporating a mixture of static graphics and video posts to their channels ensured the feed was eye-catching and fluid, and reducing their post frequency for a ‘quality over quantity’ approach proved successful for followers. 

Our challenge was to keep key membership messages and regular training and events interesting. Our design team achieved this with eye-catching visuals for IIRSM’s core priorities – including training courses, events, testimonials and professional development webinars. 

One such campaign involved using testimonials and course summaries to compare two IIRSM training courses, so potential attendees would know which was best for them and their professional development. For another, we used a Google search concept, and enhanced IIRSM’s list of membership benefits to produce an appealing FAQ video.

With a new Co-President, the annual Risk Excellence Awards, and a new podcast series, there is always plenty of activity at IIRSM and we work with the team to make each project engaging.  

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Sparks’ Remarks on National Apprenticeship Week

This week marks National Apprenticeship Week – and what better way to celebrate it than listening to Sparks’ Remarks, the new podcast all about the lives of electrical apprentices from SELECT.

We’ve worked with SELECT for a number of years on a variety of projects, including their award-winning magazine cabletalk. That’s why we were delighted to help them with their latest communication venture, a podcast for budding electricians, by budding electricians, explaining the realities of the trade by talking with apprentices, lecturers and employers. 

SELECT had three main aims in launching its podcast – to honestly portray the realities of life as an electrical apprentice, to encourage more people to consider it as a career path, and to show companies, parents and teachers the benefits of apprenticeships. 

We helped the SELECT team with its entire podcast journey, from the initial concept and design, to interviewing, producing, co-hosting and editing the podcast. 

Since we were working with young apprentices, we wanted to ensure they felt at ease as we recorded. We travelled on site to record in person, which not only gave us great sound effects but also allowed the apprentices to be more relaxed than if they were brought into a studio. We recorded using small lapel mics, which again made sure the apprentices were relaxed, and helped to structure the conversation so that each took it in turn to answer a question. It meant they had time to consider their answers and could joke together, which came across well in the finished edit as, after all, a podcast is a conversation!

Iain Mason, Director of Membership & Communications at SELECT, said: “With the transition to net zero and reliance on renewables technology such as solar panels, electric vehicles and battery storage, it is vital that Scotland recruits more apprentice electricians in the coming years. To do this, we want to promote the benefits of being an electrician, but also paint a realistic picture of what young learners can expect when they take their first steps on the career ladder. 

“The podcast has played a key role in this strategy, and has helped us successfully extend our reach and promote the Modern Apprenticeship to an even wider audience, targeting a specific demographic in a way we were not able to do before. Record numbers of apprentices have been recruited in Scotland for the past three years, with full classrooms across the country. The podcast is a key tool in helping to make it happen and we want to continue giving a voice to the electricians of tomorrow.”

The Sparks’ Remarks podcast is now available on all major streaming platforms, with three episodes released and five more in the works. You can listen to it here

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Solving Your Communications Puzzle Together

Puzzling over how to reach your target audience? We’re your missing piece!

Communications is an industry that is constantly evolving and we’ve been helping our clients reach their target audiences in new, ever more creative ways for more than 25 years. We’ve worked on everything from printed materials, podcasts, advertising, websites, social media and more. And now, we’ve added puzzles and board games to our roster!

We’re always game for a challenge, so when the Forces Children Scotland team said they wanted to produce a board game, we were more than happy to help. We work with Forces Children Scotland on everything from annual reports to bespoke, specialised projects. 

The result of our most recent project was an innovative, game-changing teaching tool that helps young people from Armed Forces families to educate their peers about what their lives are like. 

We helped bring the team’s initial idea to life, designing and producing the board, playing cards, playing pieces and instructions. 

The game was unveiled at a showcase event held at the Scottish Parliament, with more than 75 attendees, including MSPs, educators and professionals. We also designed and produced a number of assets for the launch events. 

We were also happy to piece together the production of a jigsaw puzzle. The Forces Children team sent us drawings by young people they work with, which our designers used as inspiration to create a design for the 24-piece puzzle. 

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Lifetime Achievement Award for Peter Nicholson

We are thrilled to announce that Peter Nicholson has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 Herald Law Awards.

Editor of the Law Society of Scotland’s Journal magazine since 2003, Peter has been recognised due to his exceptional contribution and dedication to the legal profession, keeping the Society’s members abreast of all important and trending topics for two decades and seeing the publication into the digital age. For more than 20 years before that, he edited the Scots Law Times, one of the leading series of law reports covering the Scottish courts, as well as Greens Weekly Digest and other key reference works for the Scottish profession.

Peter was presented with the prestigious award at the event on Wednesday 15 November, where 300 guests from across the legal sector had gathered to celebrate the achievement. This is not the first time Peter has been recognised by the profession either, with the Society bestowing Honorary Membership just earlier this year – and he is only the 21st person to have received such an accolade.

Diane McGiffen, Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland said: “This award is a celebration of Peter’s outstanding contribution to the Scottish legal profession.

“Peter has served the profession as editor of the Journal for the last 20 years curating insightful and compelling content with his unwavering professionalism, extensive knowledge and characteristic calm.

“He has seen the Journal through significant periods of change, evolving with the times to consistently meet our members’ needs with the development of an online magazine, daily news updates and social media content. Under Peter’s leadership, the Journal has been a reliably relevant news source to an ever changing and increasingly diverse profession.

“The fact that the Journal received a round of applause from the 300 guests at the ceremony is testament of the high regard in which the magazine is held and it was a privilege to see Peter accept this prestigious and well-deserved award ahead of his retirement later this year.”

Alan Ramsay, our Managing Director, said: “This is the second major honour for Peter this year and we’re delighted he’s been recognised in the 2023 Herald Law Awards. Peter and his Connect colleagues have contributed to the success of the Journal over a period of 20-plus years and his lifetime achievement award is testament to him and the whole team.”

Peter Nicholson responded: “I am overwhelmed at receiving this award and immensely grateful to those who thought me worthy of it. I never imagined when I secured my first editorial post in 1981 that I would leave on such a high, but I have always tried to produce quality work that legal professionals could rely on and my sincere thanks are also due to all my colleagues at Connect and throughout my career who have supported me in that aim. I am deeply honoured to receive this recognition.”

Peter’s career began when he graduated from the University of Edinburgh Law School before qualifying as a solicitor in 1981. He is a multi-award winning Editor after his career of more than 40 years across numerous legal publications.

The entire Connect team is proud of Peter and delighted to see him recognised for his excellence and professionalism. Please join us in congratulating him on this incredible achievement!