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Visuals for the future with CEME 

An image of a laptop screen with our bespoke digital publication displayed for CEME's Hydrogen Innovators and the Future summit.

It is always rewarding to work with our clients on projects that bring their activities to life through eye-catching visuals, for events and online.

We supported CEME’s recent Hydrogen Innovators and the Future summit, which brought more than 180 industry representatives, university innovators and policymakers together to discuss the potential for hydrogen, with a bespoke digital publication highlighting the various themes discussed by the keynote speakers and panellists.

Greater London is expected to be transformed over the next 30 years, with infrastructure projects including the Lower Thames Crossing and the developing Thames Freeport planned to generate jobs and opportunities for the area.

From its base in Rainham, CEME has been playing its part in raising awareness of the potential of a new hydrogen energy infrastructure in the region and aims to offer office space, hydrogen-ready demonstrator facilities and scale-up support through a Hydrogen Innovation Centre.

In addition to writing and designing the digital publication, we helped CEME upgrade their on-site branding at various points, including a green technology-inspired feature wall at the entrance and reception area, bespoke pattern window coverings in the atrium and striking panels for the auditorium. 

CEME CEO Noorzaman Rashid said: “Together with our partners, we are working on innovative solutions for our future. The demand for green hydrogen is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years as industries and governments seek to decarbonise and meet net-zero targets. Through the new digital publication, we wanted to offer various perspectives on hydrogen to a wide variety of stakeholders for our summit and beyond.

“Connect has also helped us to improve the ambience of our campus – the reception area designs are going down really well and the atrium window looks fabulous.”

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