Celebrating Scottish Apprenticeship Week with SELECT

A video for Aprenticeship week theat we created for SCETT and SELECT.

This week marks Scottish Apprenticeship Week (4-8 March) and what better way to start it than by spotlighting a client who is dedicated to supporting the talent of tomorrow? 

We’ve worked with the electrical trade body SELECT for many years, keeping their members engaged and informed through cabletalk magazine, as well as a range of eye-catching videos, infographics and information booklets. 

We were delighted to support SELECT in bringing their vision for a podcast about apprentices to life. Sparks’ Remarks, a series of episodes for electrical apprentices, by electrical apprentices, aims to increase SELECT’s reach to attract new talent to the electrical industry and highlight the benefits of an electrical apprenticeship to companies, parents and teachers.

And their commitment to investing in young people doesn’t stop there. This year, SELECT has again joined forces with SECTT, SJIB and Unite the Union to reaffirm its support of Scottish Apprenticeship Week. We created a new social media animation for them that highlights their incredible achievements in supporting apprenticeships over the past 30 years. This includes training 20,000+ apprentices and adult trainees and securing 1,061 employer partnerships!

Short animations, otherwise known as stings, are a great way to keep your audience informed and engaged in a creative, eye-catching way. When scrolling on social media, a short animation can be far more effective in capturing your desired viewers than a static graphic, since videos are set to play automatically on each platform. Videos tell a story that a graphic can’t quite capture, and their constant movement is far more likely to catch a viewer’s attention and keep them watching. Highlighting all SELECT’s achievements and milestones in this manner then was a no-brainer, and far more likely to make an impression on their target audience.

Iain Mason, Director of Membership & Communication at SELECT, said: “Connect has helped us produce an engaging range of collateral for Scottish Apprenticeship Week for a number of years, and for the 2024 event they produced another vibrant video sting to help spread our message across social media. The video delivered a wealth of facts and figures clearly and concisely, helping to reinforce the importance of electrical training and skills to the ongoing electrification of society. The music received plenty of positive comments too! And as always, the Connect team was really responsive and the work was done to a very high standard.”